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Arthur Branwell & Company was established in 1904. Over the course of the last century, while maintaining a position as a leading trading house for a range of specialised commodoties the company has evolved into a renowned modern manufacturer of functional food additives. Today from our UK base we develop, produce and supply an extensive range of high quality ingredients to the world’s food and pharmaceutical industries as well as into a number of specialised technical application areas.

These ingredients include a comprehensive range of texturants, tailored stabiliser blends, fully integrated emulsifier/stabiliser systems as well as products produced using our ground breaking cryogenic spray crystallisation technology. This spray crystallised portfolio includes a range of super efficient non hydrogenated sustainably certified fat powders, spray crystallised roux mixes and free flowing stable chocolate powders.

We also process and refine a number of specialised hydrocolloids and natural raw materials as well as supplying a range of semi-processed and prepared foods to manufacturers around the world. We also supply an extensive range of flavours and extracts.

We continue to invest in our production facilities to ensure they are modern and up to date complying in all respects with our customers requirements and meeting the most demanding accreditation. As well as manufacturing our own products, we undertake contract manufacturing for multi national corporations.