Research & Development

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At Arthur Branwell both we and our long established supplier base have generations of experience in working with hydrocolloids and related ingredients.

We use this know-how and our industry experience to work alongside our customers to understand their needs and provide precisely the right ingredient for their particular process. Often this will mean developing bespoke systems to improve the texture, taste or appearance of our customers' products.

We can use the various synergies between different ingredients to develop an optimised blend tailored specifically to an individual recipe or to a particular production process. This development work is undertaken at our modern laboratories and technical service centre at Epping in the UK by a team of fully qualified food scientists and technicians.

We are constantly working with our cryogenic spray crystallisation technology to develop new and innovative products such as our SuperLux range of high performance free flowing fat crystals. These super efficient powdered fats can offer the same mouthfeel, flavour and shelf life of traditional block fat at 75% the dosage level.